18 november 2016

New make up update !

Colourpop, Kylie Cosmetics, Too faced, Jeffree star, colourpop and more Kylie ! Here is an update of what's new or coming soon !

Jeffree Star Holiday 2016

Let's start with Jeffree
Al though I can't stand him, I know a lot of people do, so I'm not going to act like a little child ( like he does sometimes ) and not mention his new products.
( He'll probably block me now lol. )

Jeffree will release 7 new Velour liquids for the holidays. 

You can purchase them individually for $18 each or in a bundle of 7 $99.99.
release date : 25th of November.
I do love the shades, but I don't love Jeffree's shade, lol. 

Also 2 new skin frost highlighters.

$29 each. 

Now, something I'm excited about ! I love this brand so much, they are so unique and always release products that speak to me so much !

Too faced, papa don't peach

In a previous what's new post I already showed a picture of the outside, but now here's the inside ! 

They are releasing this blush together with a new eye shadow palette that will smell like peach ! omnomnom..
Release date : +-December 26th 

Too faced/ Funfetti 

Oh god, pink, more pink, a lot of pink !!! 

  • The funfetti set includes and eyeshadow palette with 12 new matte and shimmer shades.
  • A funfetti love flush blush
  • A Funfetti lipgloss 
  • A better than sex mascara
  • A flatbuki brush
$55, new customers get $10 off the first purchase + $20 is you use HOLIDAY 10

This is available from November 11th

Kylie Cosmetics & Khloe kardashians - KoKoKollection

Kylie is on a roll with her releases.

Contains - 3 mattes + 1 gloss $ 40
Available now ( since November 9th. )

Colourpop Holiday collection NowPlaying

I'm a huge Colourpop fan ! They offer such good quality products that are affordable and cute ! 

Their holiday collection is so cute and original ! Great to give ( or get :-)) as a present ! 

3 sets :

  • 1. kiss and tell : 5 Ultra glossy lip $30. they all have a metallic finish
  • 2. To and From : 6 Lippie stix $30.
  • 3. Never not chilling : 6 eyeshadows $30. 

Available since November 11th.

House of lashes FT Disney - Tinkerbell lash case

Oh my gosh, look at this ! 

Available now, $18 
includes a mirror, a case with room for 3 pair of lashes, and a separate room for accesoires. 

Kylie Holiday Collections

Uhg, Kylie is on a rollllll, the more she releases the more I start to love her brand ! 

Releasing 21th of November at 1PM pst + free domestic shipping !

 Look at this packaging ! It's limited edition but soooo gorgeous !

Prices and everything will be available at the Instagram page of @Trendmood1.

That's all for now, of course there are a lot more releases, but if I want to keep up, I have to upload a post like this daily.

Can't wait what's coming next ! 

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  1. Ik kom zo veel geld tekort :'( het is allemaal echt ontzettend mooi. Twijfel zelfs om iets van Kylie te kopen :O