16 juni 2016

It's dupe time ! Mac burgundy times 9 VS W7 naughty nine mid summernights palette

It's time for another dupe ! This W7 is the perfect affordable alternative for the 9 small mac shadows. The resemblance is just INSANE !!

Are you familiar with the Mac times 9 palettes? It are 9 small pressed shadows in a small square box. They have 6 different shade ranges:

  • Pastel times nine

  • Dusky rose times nine

  • Purple times nine

  • Amber times nine

  • Burgundy times nine

  • And navy times nine

I got my mac Burgundy times nine last year as a Christmas gift.

I remember being disappointed because I thought it would be bigger haha. But after getting used to it I find it very easy and cute, it's perfect to travel with.

They made these smaller examples because not everybody can afford the separate Mac eye shadow pans.

When I passed this w7 palette on my online shopping spree I thought it would be perfect to try out for you guys.. I agree, I have a problem..

So here you have the palettes, it contains shimmery and matte shades from pink plums to gold shades. Also some bordeaux and of course burgundy shades.

For the mac palette, you pay +- €40 ( +- 44 dollar. )

The W7 you pay +- € 6 !!!!!!!

That's about €34 difference.. C'mon ??

Each pan contains 0.80 Grams.

The packaging is basically the same. both are hard plastic and have 9 shades. The palette from w7 is an exact copy of the mac palette as you can clearly see.

The swatches impressed me the most. The pigmentation and colors are EXACTLY the same.

They are very pigmented and the colors are really beautiful, perfect for every season.

On the top I'm wearing the W7 and on the bottom the Mac colors.

The quality of both palettes is very good, the pigmentation is good and they blend seamless.

This dupe is just insane, the best one I've ever purchased..

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6 opmerkingen:

  1. No waaaay! The pigmentation is the same? No fall off? Imma buy me some w7 😍

  2. Wow, really great! Might need to pick the w7 up!

    Nicole | http://inthelifeofnm.blogspot.ca

  3. Great dupes! Never thought of them before.


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