8 juni 2016

It's dupe time ! Mary Lou manizer VS W7 Glowcomotion !

A dupe is a cheaper alternative for more expensive make up. You may or may not be familiar with The balm its best selling highlighter - Mary Lou Manizer. If you are, you might get excited about this dupe, if you're not familiar, let's get to know her :-) !

Mary-Lou is such a hot item at the moment. Every make up artist and beauty guru has one in their collection, and I'm the proud owner of this beauty too of course. Mary-Lou is a part of my collection for a while now and it's my all time favorite, people can see me from another planet when she's shining on my cheeks ! They say it's a blush and eye shadow also, but to be honest, I'm only using it as a highlighter..

It's for sure the balm its bestseller. All of their products are cruelty free, SO important ! Testing on animals is really not cool  !

You can buy Mary Lou on so many webshops, Boozyshop, Themakeup spot, Douglas, sephora, ...In Belgium you can find it in our DI shops.

The price depends on where you buy it of course, but it is around €20.00 ( +- 22 dollar )

I've found an item of a different brand, that gives the same gorgeous results and is just a pinch of the price.

Meet : Glowcomotion from W7 !
On the left mary lou, on the right W7

On the left you have Mary lou, on the right Glowcomotion. They both are a random round compact and have a mirror on the inside. With a gold shimmery powder they give results that will reflect all the haters. :-)

The packaging isn't the same at all, the only resemblance there is, is the beige / yellow colour they have. Mary Lou has a mugshot on the front and she's being charged because she's too pretty and too popular, that makes me giggle :-).

I do have a problem with opening the W7 one, I don't know if every Glowcomotion has this problem, but I really struggle with clicking it open. I have to jam my nails between it and really force it, gosh I hope I won't crack a nail because of this, I might cry a little.

I don't know about you, but I can't tell any difference.. Except that Mary lou might be a little bit more on the powdery side and has more glitter in it.

Here I am wearing Mary lou manizer. ( For the people that don't know what a highlighter is: Look at the top of my cheek, do you see that stripe that is probably blinding you ? Well, that is a highlighter. )

And on the other side I'm wearing W7 glowcomotion ..

I can't tell any differences I really can't.. Except that the mary lou manizer might be slightly more pigmented, but I mean, that's because I'm really searching for differences.

Mary lou : +- €22

Glowcomotion : +- €6..

Soooooo, now that I have 2 of the same highlighters I'm pretty much settled for the rest of my life. But I'm happy to spread the word haha.

You can buy this beautiful dupe at a lot of websites.

Themakeupspot, boozyshop, beauty&bobs, ....

Also DI sells W7 but I'm not sure if they have this dupe.

I love doing these kinds of blogs to look for a cheaper alternative. I can help people who love make up but don't want to spend too much on it.

I've heard it's kinda hard to get the W7 in Amerika, and because 40 % of my visitors are from the USA, I didn't want to disappoint you guys, and did some research where you can find this brand. But I must admit, it wasn't easy for me either..

I've found the best options on  Ebay and Amazon. I think Amazon might be the best option for you guys. I really hope you will give it a shot, it's so worth it.

Do you know any great dupes ?


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  1. Wow such a great dupe! Thankyou for sharing x

  2. […] is known for its dupes, I’ve already written 2 blogs about it, 1 about the mary lou manizer & glow comotion and another one about the mac times 9 […]

  3. I have Glowcomotion and I love it! I'm also thinking about buying Lou Manizer, but I'm having second thoughts, because I love Glowcomotion so much!
    Also, I have the same problem with the lid - I'm usually left without nail polish on my pointer finger while trying to open it.

  4. Haha same here girl ! Mary lou manizer is my all time favorite, it's also a little more pigmented so I definitely recommend you to give it a go ! 😘